WSCC is proposing Tickets & Fines for non-compliance with the OSH Regulations


The Workers' Safety and Compensation Commission is proposing a system of tickets and fines, for non-compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, for education purposes and to facilitate enforcement.



You have an opportunity to provide feedback to the WSCC online, please follow this link for a discussion paper and the feedback questionnaire; (scroll to the bottom of their webpage).


Sample feedback

The NNCA has reviewed the discussion paper and the stakeholder questionnaire. At this time, we do not support the proposed ticketing and fines system for non-compliance with the OSH Regulations. Click here for a completed questionnaire, which includes concerns, objections, and recommendations. We encourage you to read this questionnaire, revise as desired, then add your name and submit it to the WSCC and/or to your MLA. Click here for the response copied to a word document to allow for larger text so that everyone can read it.


The deadline to provide feedback to the WSCC was extended to January 9, 2017.