NWT Transportation Monitoring Program - climate change and infrastructure

The Government of Canada is providing $560,700 over the next two years from the Northern Transportation Adaptation Initiative (NTAI) for this second phase of the NWT Transportation Monitoring Program. The Government of NWT is providing the remaining amount, for a total project cost of $747,600. This research project will involve studying the effects of climate change on permafrost and transportation infrastructure.

Phase 2 of the NWT Transportation Monitoring Program includes four components:

  • The monitoring of the structural stability of highway embankments on two test sections along the newly constructed Inuvik-Tuktoyaktuk Highway (ITH);
  • The installation and monitoring of 24 thermistors along the ITH;
  • The monitoring of alternative culverts and water crossing structures at various locations along the ITH and the Mackenzie Valley Winter Road; and,
  • The testing and monitoring of new rehabilitation techniques for roads constructed on discontinuous or sporadic permafrost at four different sections along Highway 3.

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