Hilti firestopping course on May 31

The NNCA has invited Hilti to the north to offer its firestopping course and they're coming ~ on Tuesday, May 31.


1.  Acquire an overview of life safety and how compartmentation using firestop fits in with detection and suppression.

2.  Familiarize yourself with how firestop testing is done, and the resulting system designs.

3.  Understand the details of firestop systems, how they should be installed in the field, and the limitations they may have in different rated assemblies.

4.  Learn more about the firestopping of plastic piping, and their variety of firestopping solutions.

5.  Share ideas on how to inspect firestop after it has been installed.

6.  Increase your understanding about firestopping the perimeter joint next to curtain walls.

7.  Take a look at how good firestop submittals can make for good construction.

8.  Become familiar with Hilti firestop products and our current innovations.

9.  Examine examples of poor firestopping including the use of mud and tape.  Recognize good firestopping.

10.  Determine how engineering judgments can be used to assess unique firestop applications.

11. Gain useful information for the firestopping of FT rated assemblies; particularly suspended slabs separating a storage garage from residential suites.

12. Recognize the differences in top-of-wall firestop systems when dealing with fluted metal deck, sprayed-applied fireproofing, and non-rated roofs.


Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The course will run from 8:30 to 11:30 am, to be followed by a test and lunch which should wrap up around 12:30 pm so that everyone can go back to work.  


Venue yet to be determined; will be confirmed with registrants via email.


Registration is free and on a first-come, first-served basis.

E-mail the NNCA, or call us at 873.3949, with a request to participate in Hilti's firestopping course and we'll confirm your registration via email; it's that simple.