The Canadian Construction Association (CCA) helps you simplify the way you conduct business and save time and money with its standard contract documents that are up-to-date and easy to understand. Brief descriptions of the various CCA documents can be found below or click here for an updated description (2016).  Follow this link to the CCA website for more information and click here for FAQs.


Standard subcontract form between prime contractor and subcontractor where payment is based on stipulated or fixed price.
SA guide outlining a change-order checklist. Includes a model change-order quotation form.
Standard sub-subcontract form between subcontractor and sub-subcontractor where payment is based on a stipulated or fixed price.
A guide outlining the project management concept and describing the project manager’s role and standard of performance in managing a project from conception through design to construction and commissioning. Click here for more information.
A guide describing the construction management method of contracting. It explains the recommended roles and qualifications for a construction manager as well as provides guidelines for the selection process and fee schedule.
A guide outlining sound environmental practices in the construction industry. It serves to assist contractors in developing an Environmental Management Program.
A guide identifying where cash flow problems generally occur in a construction project and suggesting possible solutions.
CCA 50 offers detailed guidance to prime contractors on understanding their client’s financial strength and how they are financing your project. This guide shows how a prime contractor can minimize the risk of non-payment prior to bidding on a project, prior to signing a contract, and during the administration of a contract. A financing risk management checklist is also provided to list questions that a prime contractor should ask during the bidding and contracting stages, and types of security available to minimize the risk of non-payment.
A guide recommending best practices in all aspects of the bid calling and award subcontract process.
A guide that introduces the concept of a joint venture in commercial construction, outlines the potential advantages and risks, identifies keys to a successful joint venture, and provides a checklist of commercial considerations for a joint venture agreement.
A guide explaining the costs and risks associated with pre-purchasing equipment and materials, which may outweigh any anticipated economic and scheduling advantage.
A guide providing an overview of federal, provincial, and municipal waste guidelines and the CCA’s Waste Management Code of Practice.
A guide offering practical advice on mould-related issues (legal, insurance, and health considerations). It also offers helpful information on how to minimize its presence, identify and measure it, and step-by-step instructions on remediation.
A guide providing owners and operators of hot mix asphalt plants with information and guidance related to the management of their plant assets in a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly fashion. The guide contains checklists that owners can use to improve their plant’s environmental performance.
A guide document offering the value and benefits of electronic procurement. It identifies the key issues and recommended “best practices” for the process
A guide jointly developed with the Association of Consulting Engineers of Canada to assist owners, consultants, and contractors in overcoming problems associated with geotechnical information provided in construction contracts.
A guide outlining certain contractual provisions which can adversely affect the trade contractor's rights and obligations. Includes a checklist for trade contractors.
Designed to provide employers in the construction industry with practical guidance on human resources related issues, this toolkit includes explanations of key concepts, templates, and case studies. It contains modules on workforce planning, recruitment and selection, workforce engagement and performance, and a prescription for leading in changing times.
(CCA) Including: #1, #16, #19 #25, #26, #27, #28, #50, #51, #52, #61, #81 #82, #83, #90, A Trade Contractor's Guide & Checklist, and Recommended Guidelines for Provision of Geotechnical Information in Construction Contracts.